Genomics of Adult and Paediatric Cancers

Identification of genomic modifications has given the perfect element to infer new procedures for molecular primarily based precision drugs of adult and paediatric cancers together with risk evaluation, non-invasive detection, and molecular diagnosis and customized treatment. Additionally, it's presently obvious that the spectra of genomic-based changes and systems in paediatric malignancies aren't quite identical as those dominatingly happening in adult cancers. Adult Cancers on the average show generously higher alteration weights compared with the childhood tumors. Collecting proof likewise recommends that the kind of genomic changes usually experienced in adult cancer isn't quite identical as those saw in paediatric malignancies.

  • Cancer genomics of adult and pediatric solid tumors
  • Mutation signatures
  • Single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and small insertions/deletions
  • Copy number alterations
  • Structural changes (gene fusions and chromosomal rearrangements)
  • The epigenome and epigenetic modifiers

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